What would Aretha Franklin do at this very moment? (so_bambiesque) wrote in gemmethism,
What would Aretha Franklin do at this very moment?

"Sarahs a doll. She cute, got a great body" "Okay this is just getting wierd now."

So i feel that our little home of ransomosity has been neglected of late. But now i need serious help with the heat crossword, and, well, where else are ya gonna go?! I refuse to give in and use Google. I need major help, i dont seem to know anything of late that isnt remotely west wing related.


1 across. His Rudebox is full up to the brim (6,8) R----- W-----M-
9 across. He hangs out with Little Miss Sunshine (5,6) ----E ---E-L
10 across. First name of Jude and Sadie's daughter (4) ----

2 down. American celeb who guested in the first series of Extras. (3,7) --- -----E-
3 down. Outkast's new ablum title/Scottish inde-rock band (8) *could this be Idlewild?*
7 down. Robert de Niro starred in this Martin Scorsese epis, set in Las Vegas. (6) ---I-O

SIX! SIX BLANKS! Tis a sad sad day.

Peace out. A Hugh Five to anyone who can help.
Lobe you all! x x x
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