What would Aretha Franklin do at this very moment? (so_bambiesque) wrote in gemmethism,
What would Aretha Franklin do at this very moment?

An update for you our little OGTASTIC convertees!

There are now three holy days to be added to you calender of Ogness. Please remember that upon these days it is required that you flail and maybe dance if you so feel the need. If you flailed and danced with either ribbons of scarves, then may the OGODS be with you and make you day full of happiness and coolosity.

11th June. Hugh Lauries Birthday. As he is a mascot of OG, we feel it can only ever be right to celebrate the day of his birth, or his birthday, if you will/
3rd August. The birthday of one of your founders! Me! Which can only ever be OG and worth a celebratory flail.
13th August. The birthday of your other founder! Gemmagemmadooodledandy! As the queen of all that flails and an OGOD, there must be extra dancing. With ribbons. And maybe th odd turtle or two. 

Which makes the star sign of gemmethism, Leo. Yay! For all the....lionishness. Roar.

Aha! We also have a holy book! For it is a monty python book! And is signed by john cleese! And is in gemma's possession! I feel that qualifies it as a BOOK OF AWESOME.and therefore OG enough to be our holy book. Therefore....bow down. To the Book. Or something. Although i can't remember what the book was actually called....i feel i got slightly distracted by the sheer mention of john cleese. Urm...gemma! help me!

*runs off. flailing*

I is back with an edit...because gemmethism is a religion of niceness (and lots of other things) noone shall go to hell that would be mean. Instead you will be sent to Mars. For it is a place of gom where silly non-cooperative websites and also paris hilton are sent to. So yeah. Mars=gom place.

*buggers off again*
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