What would Aretha Franklin do at this very moment? (so_bambiesque) wrote in gemmethism,
What would Aretha Franklin do at this very moment?

The Algerian war took place...

Well good everning my lovlies, this is the last thing i do before i settle down to a night of Das Nibelunglied, and the foundation of the fifth french republic, how much do you envy ME?!

And once again it is time for The Official Gemmenthism-Fab-Gang-Heat-Crossword-Abix Thursday. I have actually been dying to do this for days, well, two, but uni sucks and gets in the way of everything good! Now i think about it i should have done it when i was on my 10-energy-tablet-induced-high last night. Who needs heroin? I have Dextro-Energy.

Once again, Bethy.Fails.

1 across. The __________________, current fash mag comedy (5,5,5) ----- ----- -----
17 across. _________________ Dead, according to Beck (10) C--L-H-N-S

2 down. Nicholas Cage appears in this Center (5,5) --R-- T-A---
3 down. Elton John's new album combines this with The Captain (3,3,3) --- -H- ---

Okay... i thought there was more than that..go me!

Also, shameless pimping, i have no conscience.
Go join my icon journal! ya know, only if ya want.


Also, bis naechste Woche meine Lieblingen!
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