What would Aretha Franklin do at this very moment? (so_bambiesque) wrote in gemmethism,
What would Aretha Franklin do at this very moment?


Woompah! Tis time for *drum roll please*

The First Official Gemmenthism-Fab-Gang-Heat-Crossword-Abix Tuesdays. Wednesdays...because work sucked and i couldnt buy it yesterday. Harumph. Named by miss_atom *hugh fives*

Significantly less than last week THANK.GOD.

26 across. First name of singer who made The Breakthrough (4) M-R- (i know i know this!)

27 across. Alison Steadman starred in this ITV1 sitcom (3,7) F-- -R-E--S

And thats it! Woompah and Huzzah!

Bonus hugh fives....
I accidentally bought Star, (you DONT want to know) and i was doing the crossword when THIS came up.
Jesse _______. Actor who appeared in Bring It On and....THE WEST WING BABY! (kay, so the capitals and the baby are all me.)
Hugh five for whoever knows!
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26 Across... Mary? *Shrug*

27 Across... Fat Friends

And I don't know the bonus. When I hear "Jesse" my brain refuses to do anything other than immediately scream "SPENCER!!1!"

*Hugh fives for t'other one though* XD
*hugh fives*

dude, the email for this, like, JUST came through...what the hell is up with that!?

And twas Jesse Bradford...ah...season five. Do you need that soon? Or are you still lingering in the land of season four groovycoolawesomeosity? x

Deleted comment

Hehe it was indeedy! Tit slighty strange that although i've seen Bring It On more times than i have fingers, i wouldnt have known that without TWW.

And omg..the email notification thing for this...JUST CAME THROUGH! WHAT THE HELL!?

*hugh fives*
are we going to have more of these days?? I wanna play! (even though I've known no answers so far... I don't care! I've finally caught up on my gemmethism! bad dizzy, being all lax on your holy study!)
We are indeedy going to have more! I failed last tuesday because i didnt manage to buy Heat...i forget why...

But this Tuesday it shall be here with bells and tinsel on!

And nooooes! Not bad Dizzy! Lax yes...but we can forgive lax! *is still sucking up after the Peter liking issue*
Bells and tinsel? Wow! I love bells and tinsel!

haha, aw, it's okay, you don't need to suck up. You're allowed to like or dislike whoever you want except Andy. You have to like Andy.! Not that I'm protesting the forgiveness or anything....

Alas, the season finale has downloaded but everyone is asleep so i cant watch it. Maybe i should go to bed. With it being 2.57am and all. I mean, i'm in bed, i'm just not asleep...

OMG I'M RAMBLING LIKE A...RAMBLER! *blamesit on sleep deprivation*
I KNOW I LOVE HIM! I keep looking desperately for places where I can read weeds fic/have some intelligent weeds discussion and I keep running into people who watch the show while high on weed, or don't know some of the characters' names, or don't like Andy. Or a combination. Most people like Andy, though, I'm just saying. Yeah. TIS TRAGICAL.

You're up laaaaaate!! You must go to bed and watch first thing tomorrow! (well, it is tomorrow, but you know...)