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What would Aretha Franklin do at this very moment?

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Back away slowly and dont make eye contct

So more cool word icons were made...icons of OG. Og, coincidentally being a cool word. See how that works?!


Please note. gom should NEVER EVER be written in capitals. This was unfortunately made before we realised the plan of gom, to fool us all into thinking it is OGER than it is...now we know. It is gom. And in no way OG enough for the capitals.


The religion is getting.....whats the word?...oh yeah EVEN MORE FREAKINGLY AWESOME THAN IT WAS IF YOU CAN BELIEVE THAT THAT IS IN ANYWAY POSSIBLE!..........I KNOW!

We now have:
A holy day: Thursday. Because we, duh. House AND Trace in one night?! Dude. Plus, yesterday was thursday. ANDITKICKEDTHEBUTTOFEVERYOTHERWEEKDAY.

A saints day: 21st May. The birthday of a mascot of OG and one of teh coolest people on the planet ever.....LISA EDELSTEIN *bows down*
More saints days will be added.

Holy food: Cheesecake. Any will do, but particularly OG varieties are Starbucks, and the orea, tobelrone and honeycomb from Esquires.

Holy drink: Grasshoppers. The drink of teh coolest....CJ. We're not ENTIRELY sure whats in it.....but its sure as hell good.

Hymn: The Jackal. Its a song....thats in the west wing....and CJ mimes to it. Nuff said i think.
More hymns will be added...but i cant remember what they all were.

I think thats all. Except to say, BUBBLES! Somehow....bubbles will be a part of Gemmethism. Somehow......
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